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Chubby Bunny Farm, Falls Village, CT Dan and Tracy Hayhurst have been organic farming for nine years, learning their way first as apprentices and now on their own land in Falls Village. Like many small farms, Chubby Bunny runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program where for a flat annual fee people locally and in Manhattan can receive fresh produce. Undermountain & Cobble Roads in Falls Village Store 860-824-4362

Farmers Cultivate Relationships as Well as the Soil
The farm of course is much more than just the soil. It is the people working there. Half of the art of farming is being able to work with people, not just your crew. Of course the crew is extremely important, and so is managing your crew efficiently. But the same is true of your neighbors. We've got neighbors and it's very important for me as a farmer to cultivate good relationships with them. Cultivation goes so much beyond the crops and the soil and not hurting the earthworms so much. It’ [...More]

Life Among the Potatoes at Chubby Bunny
Here is our apprentice, Cody, showing some 4th of July spirit amid the potatoes. The crop looks beautiful, wouldn't you say? Underground they are sizing up nicely, but they still have a ways to go. Finally we are having gorgeous summery weather. Although it actually feels more like fall with the crisp, clear, cool mornings. All that rain means weeds, weeds, weeds, so the crew has lots of hoeing and hand weeding on the agenda this week. We're harvesting 4 days a week now, which cuts into the t [...More]

Tomato Blight Hits Hard
Well folks, we hate to admit it but this week's topic is the late blight. You've probably heard and read about how this plant disease is hitting farmers hard throughout the Northeast. This is usually the week when we start harvesting tomatoes in earnest. This year is a different story. Dan has done all he can to save the tomato crop from blight - diligently spraying with a hydrogen peroxide solution and feeding them extra calcium, potassium, and boron. Alas with all the rain Dan’s effort [...More]