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Lynn Mordas has been running Dashing Star Farm since 1993. Focusing primarily on raising sheep for meat and wool, her products, including baked goods, are available at Silamar Farm on Route 22 south of Millerton, NY, the Millerton Farmer’s Market and Westchester County Indoor Farmer’s Market starting 11/22

David Bouley's Commitment to a Farmer's Success
Sometimes it take a village. Other times it take a dedicated and inspiring chef to help a farmer. [vimeo][/vimeo] Recipe for Butterflied Leg of Lamb [...More]

Where Chickens Ride for Free: Dashing Star's Pastured Eggs
My chickens are raised on pasture, with local grains added as supplements. Their natural diet includes vegetative matter, which they scarf up. We also give them leftover veggies from Silamar Farm in Millerton, New York. They love squash and particularly cherry tomatoes. They chase each other around the barnyard with the cherry tomatoes, which is quite sporting of them. Their totally natural diet that we feed them is designed to give them the best nutrition. They also eat a lot of insects, gru [...More]