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Mike Kokas and Jan Greer started Upstate Farms in 1989 when the only local produce accessible to NYC restaurants was cabbage, corn, and commodity items coming out of Hunts Point. At that time, fresh local produce was hard to get, the selection was limited, and the quality was inconsistent. Mike and Jan saw an opportunity to connect NYC restaurants with the bounty of NY State farms. Upstate Farms was born. Eighteen years later, Upstate Farms is going strong, delivering food grown on small family farms in upstate New York to many of New York City’s most well-known chefs and to families living in New York. The farm distributes products from as many as 25 farmers represents thousands of acres of farmland throughout NY state.

Could the Future of Farming Start in Tivoli, New York?
We do everything organically at Paisley Farm. We try to keep it real. People who buy from us trust us. We always think about our customers in everything we do and provide a quality product. We have 150 families in our CSA program in New York and we also have about 30 really great restaurants in Manhattan and Westchester.  We are not certified organic at the moment but will be again by this time next year. One of our first and oldest customers client is Waldy Malouf, chef at the Beacon, forme [...More]

Chefs Inspire Farmers
Dave's Note:  There is a symbiotic relationship between farmer and chef.  Farmers may bring chefs new foods to experiment with. Chefs in turn can inspire farmers to raise their standards.  When you work with higher quality ingredients full of flavor, everything becomes easier in the kitchen. [vimeo][/vimeo] [...More]

Diversity Key to Surviving an Agricultural Disaster
Dear Paisley Farm CSA members, I would like thank every one for their support this season. The summer of 2009 will be remembered for a long time. The challenges we faced were like no other. Mother Nature reminded us who’s really in charge. From Kentucky to Maine, the rain and cool temperatures have humbled many a farmer. Our farm lies in two counties, Colombia and Dutchess. Both counties have been declared “agricultural disaster [...More]

Giving Thanks: One Farmer and One Customer
Dear Paisley CSA members, Thanks to one and all for joining Paisley Farm CSA. I hope it was a positive experience for everyone. It was a pleasure for my staff and I to grow the vegetables that you ate for the last 22 weeks. It’s an awesome feeling that our agricultural surplus allows you to be doctors, artist, moms, dads, inventors, hairdressers, actors, authors and even… bankers. Personally I enjoyed waking up every day knowing that I had the responsibility of growing good nutritious fo [...More]