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Jennifer Fahy is the Communications Director at Farm Aid, where she has worked for seven years to build a vibrant, family farm-centered system of agriculture in America. Yes, she's met Willie Nelson and yes, he's as wonderful as he seems. In her spare time, Jennifer is involved in local food and agriculture projects in Boston.

Why We Should Cry Over Spilled Milk
On the Fourth of July, to protest continuously low milk prices, dairy farmers in 15 states dumped thousands of gallons milk rather than sell for less than the cost of production. Dairy farmers are nearly two years into a crisis that, at its worst, had them earning $9 per hundredweight of milk. To put this in perspective, the average milk production cost—the break-even price—is between $17 and $27 per hundredweight, depending on the region of the country. So, every time the milk truck [...More]