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Can Hemp Flower be a Cash Cow for Farmers?

John Houshmand The hemp plant is the oldest plant under continuous cultivation. But for most of the 20th Century it was botanica non grata. Finally, the United States is waking up to how hemp can deliver on both industrial and wellness needs.

Hemp is a bit of a miracle plant that grows extraordinarily fast, often in hot conditions and poor soil with minimal fertilizer and pesticides. In less  than three months, hemp can grow from a seedling to six  feet tall and five feet wide. Think of a fragrant, bushy Christmas tree. Industrial hemp farmers can grow plants as tall as 15 feet.

In 2019, more than 400 New York State farmers secured a license to grow hemp, often for sale to processors who turn CBD hemp flower into CBD oil.

CBD Hemp Flower Farmer, John Houshmand

John Houshmand, a farmer based in Hobart, New York, had a different approach which is to create a stand-alone CBD hemp flower brand called Scotch Valley Ranch Hemp.

In search of a healthier life, John moved from Manhattan to  Delaware County, New York more than 20 years ago. A farmer/entrepreneur, he started a top-quality hay business and then an architectural furniture business. After obtaining a New York State research license in March 2019 to grow hemp, John turned his attention to growing CBD hemp flower.

Hemp Flower Takes Time

Compared to big ag farming techniques, John does not plow, disc or break the ecology of the field. He first mows the field like and then uses a post-hole digger on a tractor to make one-foot-diameter holes in the ground. 12-inch hemp seedlings are planted into those holes and then mulched. Conventional farmers are focused on efficiency and plow everything up killing worms in the process. By comparison, John bought earthworm castings for fertilizer and fungi rhizomes to create a rich, mulched line in which the plants grow.

As John notes, “this is really a hand operation. We snip them and get the stems to divide over and over again. Then we’ll run a trellis and we’ll train the plants in candelabra-like shapes to maximize sunlight that reaches the plant. We’re trying to maximize the amount of flower we get on the plants. We start to harvest in October."

With his harvest of Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower, John turned his attention to marketing his CBD-rich hemp flower through a new website,, as well becoming a CBD flower wholesaler. “Compared to THC, I like the healing properties of CBD and I like being on that side of the line.”

You can learn more about Scotch Valley Ranch, CBD hemp flower and buy some of their products at


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