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About Us

In The Beginning

Every day we make selections of what to buy and where to buy it. Supermarkets with 46,852 items on sale at any one time hold great appeal for speed, efficiency and price versus smaller shops with more limited offerings. But food that is fast, cheap and easy comes at a cost. The flavor of the food we eat has diminished, nutritional value lessened, and negative impact on the environment increased. Fortunately there is an evolution—not a revolution—that can make a significant difference in what we eat and how we connect with each other. It starts by visiting or buying from a small family farm. This blog is a personal exploration into the work and thought that goes into putting food on our table and the choices we can make each day to make a difference. My own interest in farm-fresh food started with a search for taste, quality and variety. But it is the people that I meet every day, and hearing what they have to say, that I have found most captivating and compelling.